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International Business Consulting

International Business Consulting

The International Practice Group of Catlett, Inc. provides assistance and counsel to clients throughout the world, offering advice on how to best achieve success in the international marketplace. We are experienced in over 30 countries and use that experience to counsel on a wide variety of strategies.

Our management of our own foreign corporations and related operations in the U.S., France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Finland and Russia, we understand the practical aspects of opening markets and dealing with the operational aspects of foreign business. Creating and operating businesses in Russia since 1985 gives us knowledge of operating businesses in emerging markets throughout the World.

Our services include growth analysis for development and expansion into new markets with a focus on all of the attendant commercial, economic, political and legal elements involved. We pride ourselves on developing realistic, practical solutions with a minimum of bureaucratic delay. Catlett, Inc. can assist clients in identifying and facilitating project financing available from a wide array of banking and lending institutions.

Years of hands on experience by members of the International Practice Group allow us to provide practical advice on an extensive variety of business matters, including, due diligence investigation; opening and staffing international offices; understanding tariff and licensing requirements; assessing the local employee workforce; and ensuring compliance with customs laws and regulations.

Catlett, Inc.’s International Practice Group is composed of both lawyers and business professionals who understand the business and legal issues involved in an increasingly global economy. Each member’s knowledge and experience is geared toward obtaining the best possible solution for the client, with a minimum of legal and regulatory impediments.

Business advice for:

  • Market expansion through representative office, acquisition of exiting company or Greenfield development
  • Developing business plans, strategies and sources for project financing
  • Operational issues of staffing, taxation, banking, customs and currency control regulations
  • Due diligence review of proposed projects and partners
  • Development of strategic plans for market penetration
  • Formation of foreign corporations and business entities
  • Local assistance in opening and staffing offices
  • Management of local legal and tax issues and disputes
  • Development of Franchise Operations

Areas of Focus:

  • Emerging Markets
  • Russia, NIS
  • Latin America
  • Western Europe