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Our team works hard to sell your products abroad and buy products you need.

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Finding the products and services you need

If you are an established business, let us source what you need, often with export financing available for qualified buyers.

Finding customers

Let us find customers, distributors and agents for your products in places we know: Eastern Europe, East Africa and India.

Our experience

Our consultants have dealt with a wide range of goods from various industries.


Packaged frozen food products


Parts for cars and heavy equipment


Copier and printing equipment


Technology equipment


Industrial equipment


Safe food handling technology


Medical devices and safety supplies

How can we help you?

If you have a particular need, please leave your contact details, and we will reach out with a free consultation to discuss your international trade opportunities.

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Tel: +1.501.372.2121
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Catlett, Inc.

Regional representatives:


Ilya Kukushkin

Kenya and East Africa

Mukiri Muchene