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EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program

EB-5 is one of the proven pathways to U.S. citizenship through investment in a business on American soil. We will consult you in the search for experts qualified to guide you through the business immigration process.

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What is an EB-5 investment program?

EB-5 is a program that exists since 1990, designed to attract investment into the US economy from foreign investors interested in obtaining a green card and subsequently US citizenship for themselves and their family members.

What are the benefits of a EB-5 visa?

  • Investor can apply for U.S. citizenship for himself or herself, his or her spouse and children under the age of 21
  • Having a residence permit, the children or spouse of the investor can study at a university or look for a job in the United States
  • There are no requirements for the applicant with regard to education, work experience, age, or even knowledge of English

What are the requirements of a EB-5 visa?

  • The applicant should invest from $800,000 up to $1.05 million in a U.S. enterprise
  • Source of funds must be proven in a document form, usually prepared with the help of an immigration attorney
  • The investor's enterprise must create or retain at least 10 job places for local workers in the U.S.

Two types of EB-5 investments

  1. Direct investment.The applicant prepares a business plan for a new commercial project in the United States. Acting in the role of general manager, the investor must manage all the operations of his enterprise himself, be engaged in the selection of personnel and the preparation of financial statements.
  2. Investment through a regional center. A regional center is a USCIS-approved organization that cooperates with an existing business in the United States. By investing in a regional center, the investor can avoid risks in setting up his or her own business and transfer responsibility to a trusted third party.

What is required for EB-5 application?

Requirements for the EB-5 application


Process of the EB-5 application

Typical structure

Typical structure of the EB-5 application

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