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EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program

EB-5 is one of the proven pathways to U.S. citizenship through investment in a business on American soil. We will consult you in the search for experts qualified to guide you through the business immigration process.

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What is an EB-5 investment program?

EB-5 is a program that exists since 1990, designed to attract investment into the US economy from foreign investors interested in obtaining a green card and subsequently US citizenship for themselves and their family members.

An EB-5 investment visa is one of the possible ways to immigrate to the United States along with labor immigration for highly qualified specialists.

Immigration is made possible with an investment in an enterprise in the United States with subsequent creation of jobs. The main requirement for the investor is to provide complete documented information about the source of the finances.

We accompany you at all stages of applying for an EB-5 investment visa, starting with selecting a project for your financing.

How can we help?

In Russia, the CIS countries, and East Africa we represent Pine State Regional Center, which is managing the process of introducing interested investors to the Big River Steel Phase II EB-5 project in a targeted employment area.

Big River Steel project for EB-5 immigration

What are the advantages of the Big River Steel project?


Low investment threshold
A project in a targeted employment area requires the lowest investment threshold of $900,000. Minimum investment outside of TEA is $1.8 million.


Prominent shareholders
Major shareholders include the second largest steel company in America, US Steel Corp., and Koch Industries Inc, a multinational corporation. BRS has attracted investments from companies owned by three of the top ten richest people on the Forbes List, as well as one of the five largest private equity firms in the world.


Project with proven profitability
Big River Steel is one of the most profitable EB-5 projects ever. Phase I was successfully completed with EBITDA above $274 million and sales above $1.35 billion in the first year of full operations (2018).


Minimum investor risk
Repayment in case of I-526 denial, expected annual investor return of 0.50%. $870 million fully financed project with bridge equity reduces investor risk.


High tech project
Big River Steel is officially the only LEED-certified, high-grade specialty steel recycling and manufacturing facility in the world.


Guaranteed job creation
At the end of the first phase, more than 10,000 jobs were created - more than 8 times more than required. The expansion for the second phase began in May 2019, and more than 100% of the necessary jobs have already been created and confirmed.


Trusted regional center
The Pine State Regional Center was formed by Arkansas Capital Corporation, with its 60-year-old history dating back to the Rockefeller family and strong support from the US government. Unlike most regional centers, heavily regulated and audited by multiple agencies.


Transfer of responsibility
The regional center assumes managerial responsibility and takes responsibility for the creation of ten required jobs.

What is required for EB-5 application?

Requirements for the EB-5 application


Process of the EB-5 application

Typical structure

Typical structure of the EB-5 application

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